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Welcome to Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) – your special and comfortable home designed just for you!
SDA is like having a house that’s made especially for people with high support needs, just like you. If you’re an NDIS participant, you might get funding for SDA in your NDIS plan. This funding is super important because it covers not only the house but also the land it’s on – everything you need to make your home perfect for you.
How much SDA funding you get depends on cool things like the type of house you live in, whether you have roommates, where your home is, and any extra features that make it just right for you. This funding is there to help with the big costs of the house (like the walls and roof) and to make sure we create awesome and high-quality homes.
What makes these homes even more special? They’re changed and improved to fit your needs. Need lower kitchen benchtops, smarter features, or wider doorways? We’ve got it covered! Your home is all about making your life easier and more comfortable.
At DMS, we’re here to make sure you have a place that feels just like home – a place that’s built for you and by you.
We are a government-approved NDIS service provider. We offer integrity, honesty and a high quality of services for your needs.
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