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What is a Group Activity?

NDIS group activities are like joining a fun club where you can do cool things with others! It’s a way for people with disabilities to come together and enjoy different activities or learn new skills in a friendly and supportive environment.
Imagine being part of a group that goes on outings, learns art, or practices sports together. These activities are designed to make you happy, help you make friends, and learn cool stuff.
Social activities include
  • Outings and Excursions: Group trips to parks, museums, cinemas, or other interesting places
  • Art and Craft Workshops: Engaging in creative activities like painting, drawing, or crafting together
  • Sports and Recreation: Participating in group sports, fitness classes, or recreational activities
  • Cooking Classes: Learning and preparing meals together as a group
  • Music and Dance: Group sessions for music appreciation, playing instruments, or dance classes
  • Educational Workshops: Learning new skills or attending workshops on various topics
  • Social Events: Organizing and participating in social gatherings, parties, or themed events
  • Technology and Gaming: Exploring technology, gaming, or other interactive activities
  • Therapeutic Sessions: Group sessions focusing on therapies like art therapy, music therapy, or mindfulness
  • Community Engagement: Involvement in community projects, volunteering, or awareness campaigns
  • Life Skills Training: Learning practical skills such as cooking, budgeting, or communication
  • Nature and Outdoor Activities: Exploring outdoor spaces, nature walks, or gardening


The NDIS helps make these group activities possible by providing support and funding to organise them.
In simple terms, NDIS group activities are about having a good time, making friends, and doing interesting things with others who share similar interests.
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