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Community Access

Community Access

At DMS, we’re all about celebrating the awesome diversity and uniqueness of every individual in our community. Our fantastic programs and supports are here to make sure everyone, regardless of their abilities, feels included and supported.
We have a wide range of participants with various disabilities – from physical to mental, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, psychosocial, and more. Whatever the challenge, we’re here to help and create a positive space for everyone.
Our community access programs are like a hub of fun and opportunities! They’re designed to help participants achieve their goals, whether it’s making new friends, boosting independence, improving physical health, or feeling socially included. Our team at DMS is dedicated to working with you to create personalized plans that promote independence, community inclusion, and skill development.

Joining our group-based community access programs means you can:

Our team is not just awesome but also multicultural! We undergo special training to ensure you get the absolute best service. We’re here to work alongside you, providing excellent personalised support services with a focus on your privacy and security.
Our ongoing training is like a secret weapon – super customised to meet your unique needs. This means we address the specific requirements and challenges faced by each individual, tailoring our support to enhance your skills, independence, and overall well-being.
We’re also team players! We work hand-in-hand with your care team, including your occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist, carer, doctor, and other health professionals. Our goal? To make sure you’re getting the right service, and our staff are trained to meet your specific needs.
We are a government-approved NDIS service provider. We offer integrity, honesty and a high quality of services for your needs.
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