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Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC)/ Voluntary Out Of Home Care (VOOHC)

What is SSRC?

Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) is like a special kind of support for kids aged 7-17. It’s set up to give them help outside their usual homes, lasting three or more nights in a week. This support can be for various reasons, like giving parents a break, helping with certain behaviours, or getting funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for kids with disabilities.
Different Ways We Help:
  • Staying for 3 or more nights in places like a group home, respite centre, hotel, or even an Airbnb during the week.
  • Getting short-term support through the NDIS.
  • Having longer overnight stays, maybe with a ‘host family.’
  • Going for extended care that lasts longer.
  • Joining programs to help with behaviour changes, like rehabilitation for alcohol or other drugs.
  • Going on camps for 3 or more nights, focusing on a break or extra support, funded independently or through the NDIS.
Specialised substitute residential care can be something that happens quickly in an emergency or can be for a more extended time, depending on what’s needed. It’s all about making sure kids get the right support when they need it.
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